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Winning with SEO – Creating a Content Schedule


Hey, Everybody welcome back to Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. Last week we talked to you about content, types of content pictures, videos, MLS data, property information, stuff like that. This week we’re taking it a step farther. You were supposed to think about the type of content you can create. Now we need to think about:  when do you have the time to push it out? How’s your busy schedule. When do you have down time, when is it quiet, when do the kids quiet down, when does the phone stop ringing. When can you think and come up with content and then take that and create a schedule. If you actually Google Content calendar, you’ll find Excel spreadsheets that are examples of how to create content, how to schedule it out, and do that. Look at when you have time to create a video. Is it once a week? Once a month? Take that. Think about what we talked about keywords, think about what we talked about with theme, and pull all that together to create a plan for your content. On Mondays I’m gonna create a video about a certain type of property. Tuesday I’m gonna share some market research. You know, if you can do it daily, that’s ideal. I think I mentioned before – Google loves content want to eat it up. So the more you could create the better. But it’s hard. You know you wanted do good content, and you’re busy, so it’s really hard to create it. Even as an internet marketing professional, it’s hard for me to keep my blog updated. I mean it is time consuming, but you need to at least plan and push for it. This week, do that. Think about your schedule, create a content schedule, think about what you’re gonna be posting and when you’ll be able to post it. Again, if you have questions or comments leave them below and tune in next week and we’ll give you some more information to help you keep growing.

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