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Believe it or not, everything already has a brand. You see it every day from the moment you walk out your door. Your house has a brand.  Your car has a brand. Even YOU have a brand. Your logo is the opening handshake of your brand, but a brand goes deeper. A brand generates an emotional response from those who see it. Sometimes the brand inspires positive feelings, sometimes negative feelings. The way you build and “create” your brand is to put it in the right frame of light. Your brand has to do the things that people want from their product or service.

A brand has to inspire confidence in the client. This confidence has to extend from the logo into the practices of the business. The brand has to build a unique personality for the business. A unique business will draw more initial attention than one that is ‘just like all the others’. The brand most importantly has to be the face of the business. The logo is the visual association which is subconsciously connected to the confidence and personality your business inspires in people. Branding has been around since the days of barely historic humans selling and trading in their markets and the methods have worked ever since.

A brand creation process needs to combine the confidence and uniqueness into the package wrapped with the name, the logo and the first advertisements. When customers know they can trust a business they will pass their positive experience on to their friends and family and the brand will grow.

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