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Debbies’ Tip’s – Best Sources of Quality Buyers


Hi welcome to Debbies’ Tip’s our talk today about what are the best sources of quality buyers well typically it’s going to be direct referrals from past clients and people who you know so how do you extract those referrals well clearly you could try calling your database and asking for them because I found typically when we Listings because the sign usually can create an additional deal with a buyer or potentially another sign or listing in that neighborhood if you work at properly now add another good old-fashioned theater of buyers is open house but choose your open houses wisely then work them effectively so that you can maximize your time invested now one of the best ways or best methods at open house to capture their information is to talk about the fact that you are an aggressive and that you always have properties in the queue that are being prepared for sale and that have not yet hit the market let them know that you can help them beat the crowd to some of the best properties in town tell them you need their contact information so you can reach them quickly if something terrific appears remember when your talk to the centers of influence when you’re out and about and they ask you if you’re busy don’t say oh I’m so crazy busy it’s insane say yes but I’m never too busy to That I can help Okay so people that you know the listings that you have open houses are likely to be one of the some of the best eaters a buyer so you can buy online buyer leads some of you do remember the conversion on those is one and a half to 3% where the conversion on Direct referrals is as 50% Fire slit screen them carefully to make sure they’re qualified motivated and loyal to you okay have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

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