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Winning with SEO – YouTube 360 Videos!


Hey everybody awesome Austin with ACU web. Back for another episode of  Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. Today actually in past videos we talked a lot about content and coming up with new and interesting content is always a challenge. So today I just want to look at a cool new technology. It’s still got a long way to go but it’s a neat way to create content, especially in your industry.  Will make more sense if I show it but basically like its virtual tours where people can move their phone. Let me just show you, so you imagine this is a listing that you’re showing and I’m just gonna do a little bit of movement here for the camera. But somebody can literally you’re going to lose this picture but I can literally look at it pan around a whole room and if I’m looking at a property that somebody’s trying to sell I can look at it you know all over the place. These cool little 360 cameras they’re pretty expensive excuse me inexpensive become with the software to upload it to youtube and is a really neat way to show properties. To to differentiate yourself. Works on facebook, it works on YouTube again Google I mentioned before that google owns youtube, so having video on youtube is always a good thing and this is a neat technology check out. Look for 360 panning view this is a Kodak pixpro we also have an LG camera this one does like a half circle a half spirit that was a full sphere so something we need to check out and and work in your content.

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