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Debbies’ Tip’s – Cleaning up your database


Hi it’s Debbie degroat welcome to the Daily tip so we’re going to talk about cleaning up your database all right it’s time to take inventory and let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of the network of people that you have worked so hard to build so start here first of all determine how many people you have in your database and then I want you to look at the last time that that list was purged and clean up and make sure you have the most current information next I want you to define a methodical process for adding new contacts have a very distinct procedure for following up with that list so this should include methods of extracting referrals methods of marketing and here’s the thing even if you haven’t worked with your database in quite some time there is still mostly most likely I should say some untapped potential just in there waiting to be discovered now let’s roll through some ways to make the absolute most of it so I’m going to go down annually at least updating the information as you go you can definitely make the CRM number to Let’s categorize Triple AAA B&C and number three let’s have a marketing plan tied to each list so you’re going to spend a little more money Have a good script when you call these people what are you going to say and we can help you out with that if you need some help Debbie at excellium. Com just let me know now sometimes agents say to me but what if I haven’t talked to them for a long time I feel so uncomfortable guys guess what they’re not pining away for you they don’t even remember when the last time is they spoke with you just call him tell him you were thinking about them you were updating your database and you thought what they might like a market update almost every single agent I meet even if they have a They are leaving potential on the table all right so what you to squeeze the life out of every opportunity all right I’ll talk to you soon on the next Debbie daily tips

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