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Debbies’ Tips – Your Prospecting Plan Worksheet


Hello my name is Debbie DeGrote and I am the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting. And of course if you’ve been on the ReboReports.com site a lot. You’ve seen me a lot so why do I do so much with ReboGateway.com? Well because I do believe in the product and I’ll tell you why. There is one thing I know about real estate many of you do get a lot of business from the people that. You know but let’s face it there’s more people in the world that you don’t know then people that you do. Now if you have all the deals that you want then you probably wouldn’t even be watching this video. So I assume that you don’t have all the deals that you want so that means you need to tap into your tools, you need to look at the resources that ReboGateway.com can provide and you need to choose your areas of focus. Now it’s a vast menu and you cannot possibly implement it all at a high level now. At Excelleum Coaching and Consulting you see we have a belief and that belief is that you are each very unique and the things that you choose to do should be selected based on your personality your preferences, your talents, your market and the market opportunities. So as you look at all of the great things that you could choose to do why don’t you choose the 23 at the very most maybe the five key sources that you would like to work tackle one. Perfect your system and then come back and get another, right. Because we know we need multiple streams of listing opportunity all right. We do have a great work sheet called your Prospecting Plan Worksheet. I’d be more than happy to share that with you, it’s very simple and it will help you create your action plan for your key source so feel free to email me Debbie DeGrote@excelleum.com I will be happy to provide that for you and good luck and let’s get to work.

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