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Sweet success through short sales


Guillermo Serafin, sole proprietor at Asset Management Liquidation Solutions and Short Sales Done EZ, is an inspirational broker.  By focusing on those areas of the market where others fear to tread, particularly short sales, Guillermo’s success continues to grow.  As part of our series of interviews with top realtors, Guillermo recently sat down with Tom Iovenitti to share some of his proven strategies.

Collaboration is key for Guillermo.  A mentor’s wisdom helped him sail through the downturn a few years back; coaches and colleagues help keep his ideas fresh; and a good team keeps his business running smoothly.

Between explaining his strategy and sharing his predictions about the future of the short sale, Guillermo also talks about how ReboGateway helps both his brokerage and his short sale business.   In addition to standard lead generation applications, he uses the software to get a leg up on the competition when connecting investors and potential sellers, a strategy which he details here.

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