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Prospecting for success – Interview with Pablo Rener, Part 3


Prospecting can be a valuable approach to generating business, particularly the way Pablo Rener (from the Tim Carr group at Coldwell Banker International) has talked about it in the previous interviews we’ve featured.  Now it’s time to learn some of the details of how it works…

In this video, Pablo describes his daily schedule, including the planning that he does the night before so he can get his day off to a fast start.  He also talks about the tools (including ReboGateway, an endorsement which we appreciate) he uses both to identify numbers to call and to prepare for each individual call.  Preparation is one of Pablo’s keys, since being able to have an educated conversation with the person on the other end of the phone goes a long way in improving results and making the process more efficient.

Another way to make the process more efficient is by keeping the calls themselves streamlined.  “Wait, can you call me back later?” is a common response to cold calls.  While some people using that line genuinely would like to talk to you later, others are just saying that to get you off the phone.  Near the end of this video Pablo provides valuable insights into how to tell these types of people apart, insights which can keep your callback list manageable and useful.

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