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Winning with SEO – Your Online BIO


Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of Winning with SEO here on ReboReports! Today we’re going to talk about Your BIO. On a lot of sites like we have Pablo on Zillow here as an example. They give you a lot of fields that you can put information about yourself, about your business, about your listings and you really want to take advantage of that, you want to capitalize on that. There’s a few reasons when somebody comes to one of these sites you’re gonna make sure they get as much info as needed to call you and for you to build trust with them. Also Google’s gonna look at these websites and it’s going to confirm other info that’s there. It’s gonna check your website, it’s going to go to your website, it’s gonna read your bio, it’s gonna look for keywords like we talked about in the past. What does this person provide? Where tare they located? So make sure you get all that stuff. Now will look through Pablos’ here on zillow.com. I’m just going to point out some somethings I wanna make sure you keep an eye on, that you’ve done and then you can check your bio’s and go from there. So here on Pablos’ a few great things, I mean obviously got his name, he’s got a great picture I mean He’s a realtor you have to have your picture right. So good bio, you know this is a place we’re going to want to write up you know get your keywords in their talk about what you do build some trust with them it’s not a ton of space but it’s your opportunity to show Google what you do and to talk to potential buyers or sellers in to working with you. Pablo’s got one listing on that’s that’s kinda outside our control I’m sure it pulls from the MLS. One thing here then I’m seeing that important is “Team Reviews” I assume that these are like testimonials or reviews from people that he’s represented. You wanna push hard for those whether it’s on Yelp, Google or these kind of sites. No matter where those are they are gonna build credibility. This is great to having these different service areas wanna make sure you have the areas that you’re gonna cover. So that both again both the people you want to represent and Google can see you know where you’re available. Also here is real important you know obviously the address information but always make sure you can get a link to your website. We talked about backlinks I believe in an earlier episode and these are the best places to get them your, I believe when we talked about backlinks we covered by having them on relevant websites doesn’t get more relevant than the lower one of those sites to link to you, so that’s huge. If you use your Facebook for posting on more info on a regular basis make sure that there too, so it was a good example using the things you’ve learned on “Winning with SEO” and bringing that keyword and theme and all those things we covered in previous episodes and if you haven’t seen those, you know take a few minutes ago back through each of them were pretty short two to three or four minutes and and make sure that you’re taking advantage of your profile, you’re building it out and you’re building trust with were gonna represent and you’re you’re feeding Google information that wants to know that you’re the right person for the job and to know what you do and where you do it. So that’s it for this week, check back next week!

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