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Debbies’ Tip’s – What is your elevator speech?


Today we are going to talk about How do you differentiate yourself? So obviously if your watching this video, you are prospecting and you’re searching for new business everyday. Now we know that the market is becoming highly competitive. And often you’re gonna be interviewing up against three, four, five even more agents to win that listing. So what is your Elevator Speech? So if you had to describe in 30 to 60 seconds, Why they should use you and whats different about you. Could you do that? Because you see, we often hear, sellers say, “You’re all a like.”. So how are you different? Give it some thought. Make a rough draft. Now remember, not features but benefits. What is it you do, that they need? You’re gonna have to work on it a bit. You know you can Google on the internet. There’s lots of tips, lots of videos, but lets distill your message about why they should hire you.

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