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Tech Tuesdays – The Next Facebook is not far Away, in Fact it’s right NEXTDOOR


Ok, let me paint a scenario for you … You’re in Starbucks and you overhear the young couple next to you, talking about having a baby, or some other lifestyle event OR maybe they are talking about starting their Home Search, whatever. Your ears perk up a little, because you know, that events like this in life lead to Home Ownership!

You listen a little bit more, hoping to gather more intel, before you “Make your Move”

Then, just when the time is right, you say “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation” “I’m so happy for you” “in times like this you may find yourself thinking about buying a home” “It would be my pleasure to help you with that, when you are ready” “here is my card”

Could you do that? Would you do that? Of course you would!

What if I told you, that Technology can place you in a Virtual Starbucks, 24 hours a day/7 days a week and monitor those conversations for you, allowing you to peak in on them whenever you have a moment?

Would that be valuable? Hell Yes

That’s exactly what NextDoor offers you. A chance to listen and be a part of the conversations taking place in your neighborhood (Otherwise Known as Farm)  and hopefully, become a part of them, allowing you to introduce yourself to everyone in a non-obtrusive way. Listen to what people are saying on NextDoor …

  • Puppies for Sale
  • Found a Cat
  • Singles Meet Up at 7pm Wednesday
  • Garage Sale next Saturday
  • Selling a Fridge
  • Ect, ect …

Real conversation by Real People …

If you are missing this opportunity, STOP right now, and get a Nextdoor account for your Farm. (If you live there, it’s even better!)

Leveraging Technology, to save time and make money, that’s what tech Tuesday is all about

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