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Debbies’ Tip’s – Time Management for Prospecting Realtors


Hi my name is Debbie DeGrote I’m the Owner and President of Excellium Coaching & Consulting and I’m here today with ReboReports Debbie’s Tip’s and we’re going to continue on a little bit from the book that I wrote “Why Do Eighty Percent of Sales People Fail and How Not To Be One of Them” and the one thing I pulled out to discuss with you today is, Many sales people fail because they don’t have a schedule, if they do they don’t follow it and this is the most common reason that agents don’t prospect, it’s simply not in their schedule and there’s so much stuff that gets in the way and yet often they find they’re not achieving the results that they desire and really that they deserve. So I would encourage you to begin by doing this. Sit down and time block out the things that you I guess I would say the hours that you do not want to work. So for example Sunday morning you say up I’m a church half the day, put in your schedule. Tuesday night you know what’s that’s date night or Thursday is the PTA meeting. Whatever you have to block in your schedule better your and breakable personal commitments. Next with what we have left, let’s take a look at time blocking the most appropriate time for prospecting. Now certainly you can prospect anytime throughout the day however most agents find that if they get it done in the morning they’re a lot more likely to do it. They’re fresh, their energy is high and the problems of the day haven’t yet attacked them. So time block your personal time, time block your time off and time block your lead generation activities. So that every day you are growing your business. You’re taking that next step toward those new prospects that you’re going to be working with next week and next month. And if you have any questions you can reach out to ReboGateway for your questions about your prospecting and if you need a sample schedule or an outline of “My Perfect Day” I’d be happy to send that to you as well DebbieDegrote@gmail.com. I will talk to you soon.

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