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Debbies’ Tip’s – Are You Mentally Tough?


Hi welcome to ReboReports and Debbie’s Weekly Tip. So today I want to ask you, Are you mentally tough? You know here’s what I mean by that. People always ask me “So what’s the difference between an average agent and a top producer?” Well of course there could be lots of things that could be experienced. There could be skill and yet I find that often it’s that mental toughness. So top producers do everyday the things that others know they should do and they simply don’t or they avoid them. So I’m wondering what is it that you’re avoiding? That if you did it you know you would be successful. If you came to visit us here at my office you’d see on a refrigerator we have a little magnet and it’s a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and it says “Do one thing every day that scares you” Ok so what is that activity that you’re avoiding you know how do you handle the defeats in the business. You know you’re a true entrepreneur when you get up in the day you go home exhausted but you wake up the next morning and you can’t wait to face the day because there is so much opportunity there. So I just want to remind you because we all have this moment where we think what the heck, why do we choose this career when we see our friends and family going off to their quote “secure job” right? But remember they pay a price too. Their price is potentially one of boredom and limitation. For you your opportunity is limitless, you just have to do the work and you have to be mentally tough. And you know what, it’s perfectly ok if you don’t love it every day because if you loved it every day that would be called vacation, right? So do the work, be tough. You know it’s funny I saw a “Rocky Balboa”, remember that old movie? I saw it on the TV the other night had to watch a few minutes of it, pretty inspiring movie. Watch it, get inspired and go get to work talk to you soon.

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