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Winning with SEO – The Structure of a good blog post WordPress Tutorial


Welcome back everybody to another episode of Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. We’re digging deeper into WordPress. Last week we as we continue our series you know kind of step-by-step how-to stuff. Last week we looked at a plugin for WordPress that helps you get all the info you need for Google and other search engines to to get your keywords and description that kind of stuff.If you missed it definitely go back. Today we’re going to dig into the structure of a good post. You know throughout the series we’ve talked about looking at your competition and what kind of stuff they’re posting, looking at kind of stuff that people can be interested in. We talked about themes and keywords and again if you didn’t catch that stuff. I would definitely go back, because that’s all going to be really important to putting together a good post. You know gotta know what you wanna talk about and how to get it to show up. Alright so today like I said, we’re going to go over the structure of a good post and we’ll just kind of run through it. I’ve shown a dummy post together just so I can you don’t have to watch me type everything. So we’ll start with the title there are two things about your title. One you want to be engaging you, want people to look at it be like oh this is interesting. You also will include your keywords. For the sake of today we went with this “Ten Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent”. Questions to ask your real estate, agent or real estate agent any of those can be your keywords. Next you want to make sure when you add post it puts something kind of random in here. If you edit this you just want to make sure you get your keywords in there. And then the post itself, start with a good intro paragraph. It’s going to get people’s attention and make them want to read more. I also like to include a picture ‘cause that is going to show up on the front end and you also in that picture you title it using keywords. Will get into the two good picture practices in a future video. But have that in there. Something that a lot of people skip when they’re doing their their blog, That I think you should always do. Is this more there’s a “Read More” tag that you can insert, and what that does is when people come to your blog the first page is a listing of all of your post’s if you don’t put this in here they literally see your entire post before they see the next one. Along and people see something like that it looks like a lot of work to read your stuff so maybe they’re not gonna dig in a little deeper. With this read more they’re going to see this stuff that we put right here and if they click “Read More” than they’re going to get to the rest of it, right so I think that’s important. Then you have subtitles. You’re going to want your subtitles to be bold you know, include the keywords, your going to have your paragraph in here. Again your just talking the information. Something that you always kind of want on a post that people are going to skim. Especially if it’s a ten questions kind of thing or a top ten list or whatever, is a good bullet list. You know just give them something that they can digest quickly and go through, more paragraphs, more content. As you get through that, next is “Excerpt” now this is something that always on WordPress. I just take the first paragraph, this gets shown as a summary throughout other get shared or that kind of stuff. So I just use that first paragraph. Our last episode we installed this “all-in-one plugin” and we kind of talked about it and this is another important piece. You should go back and watch the video about these specific fields. But again you’re just putting the title, you’re making sure that your description is something that’s compelling cause that is what is going to show up on Google and put your keywords in there. So to summarize good title, include your keywords, get their interest, have a nice intro paragraph that also you know keep their interest, a picture, do the read more so they’re not overwhelmed with information on the blog post. Write some good content in there if its interesting, include a bullet list of its relevant so that they can digest some of the information quickly and then move on if they want to and make sure you do the job with all in one SEO pack so that Google sees what it needs to see if you can get up there in the ranks. That’s it for today and check back next week!

Be Informed – I have always more than enough money to meet my needs.

Be Informed - I have always more than enough money to meet my needs.

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