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ReboReports @ C.A.R. Expo – LearnProbate.com


Many agents avoid probate leads, because they’re worried that the paperwork will be too complicated, that there’re too many things that they don’t know about the process, and so on and so forth. You no longer have to be that agent. LearnProbate.com makes it quick, easy, and affordable to learn how to handle probate transactions.

As with our other interviews, our goal is to bring you information about ways to make your business better. This is not a paid advertisement for the product, nor is it an explicit endorsement of one product over another – it’s just an interesting conversation with someone whose services might come in handy for making your business run better.

Hello, it’s Brian Fox, I’m with ReboReports. We’re here at the California Association of Realtors annual expo for 2014. We’re going to interview all sorts of great guests, great products, and give you some insight as to what’s going on here at the California Association of Realtors Expo. Enjoy!

BF: It’s Brian Fox, I’m with ReboReports, and I’m here today with Paul Horn of LearnProbate.com

PH: That’s right.

BF: Paul, can you tell us a little bit, our viewers, a little bit about your company and what it is that you guys do?

PH: Sure. So, LearnProbate.com, I’m a lawyer, I teach realtors the probate process. Once I teach the probate process, I send you all the Southern California leads, all probates that have a house for sale for all Southern California, for $25 per month, $25 only.

BF: Very good. How does, obviously, the more you know about a subject, right, the more you can control it, the better you can do with probate leads, right? But tell us a little bit about the difference that you make, some examples maybe, the difference that you make by teaching somebody how to, you know, how to sell probate leads, what effect does that have to a realtor, how does that help a realtor?

PH: Sure. Yes. So, it does the realtor no good to get a lead without understanding the probate process. It makes the realtor a lot more powerful if they understand the probate process, talk to the sons and daughters, because sons and daughters are stressed out. This is the first time it’s happened to them. The realtor can hold their hand, say “look, you need to sell this house, here’s how it’s going to work, here’s the timeline of the probate process.” So it helps you sell the house better, to talk to the probate attorney, what type of full authority/limited authority. It helps to transition better, and sell the house for a higher price.

BF: Very good. Do your classes, are they week-long, day-long? How do your classes go?

PH: Ok. My class is basically 3 hours, three hours we go in depth into the probate process from a legal point of view, what documents does the realtor need to see, need to do, the listing contract, what does it look like. What are all the CAR forms that’re needed.

BF: Very good. I appreciate the time, thank you very much for teaching us about LearnProbate.com

PH: Thank you so much.

BF: Thanks, Paul.

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