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Debbies’ Tip’s – Closing


Hi welcome to Debbie’s tips so we’re going to talk about closing 98.2% of your prospects did you know that most likely 50% or more of the business you loose is because you did not establish rapport with a client or customer I’m certain that you realize today sellers and buyers off an interview multiple agents before they finally select one to work with we all left a meeting with a client just feeling so confident they would choose us only to find they selected a different agent and that the ancient they selected did not have the track record or skills that you do we’ve all had this happen you know that terrible feeling you get when you see the property that you was going to beWait no they didn’t want maybe they cut commission know the commission is fine so why the heck didn’t they choose me some of you may even call these sellers to find out what happened now of course they’re going to give you some answer it may or may not be the real answer here though could be the reality you didn’t adapt you didn’t go to the table with sales versatility and quite frankly you repel them all right so think about this I’m going to give you an a quick example of a very high d i personality that means I’m I’m to the point I’m a little bossy could be a little bit harsh at times let’s say I’m going in to meet with a high is seller or stable very soft-spoken Just tell her this is what we need to do get the home on the market I can’t wait to do this sign it right here I just scared the heck out of them now they may say all thank you you’re very nice we love you will call you tomorrow I repel them so what you to work on your cells versatility and if you go to our website excellium. Com and you’ll look for a free reports you’ll find a report on closing 98.2% of your customers you need to read it and then you need to do what I tell you to do in that report if you can’t find it email me Debbie it excellium I will send it to you right away all right have a great day remember chameleon-like adapt and use your highest level of sales versatility in every meeting I’ll talk to you soon

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Be Informed - I Have Created The Perfect Business For Myself

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