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Successful Prospecting with Debbie DeGrote – Part 1 – Intro


No truly successful real estate agent reached that point without doing at least some prospecting for new business. Whether it’s door knocking, milking your network for referrals, or cold-calling, some things about prospecting remain the same, and it’s important to do as well as possible at this key activity.

In this new series of videos by real estate coach Debbie DeGrote, she goes through many of the lead categories you’ll find in ReboGateway (which you may be able to get in other ways, but not as efficiently as from ReboGateway), and helps you understand the importance and value of each of these categories, to help you pick the best ones for growing your business.

Hi. My name is Debbie DeGrote, and I’m the owner and president of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting, a company here in Orange County, California. And I drove over today to the headquarters of ReboGateway. And the reason they asked me to come by is to talk to you a little bit about some of the methods of prospecting that you can use when utilizing their services. One of the questions that clients always ask me is “Who should I call? I know I need to prospect, but I don’t know who to call.” The next thing they always say is “I don’t have their phone numbers. I don’t know how to reach them.” And then, of course, the last thing is “I don’t know what to say.” So, in today’s videos, we’re going to try to help you with just a little bit of all that. So I look forward to sharing more information with you in just a few minutes.

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  1. Thx. i am pretty good with people and talking in any area/i’m also an aCTOR and a Funeral Director/counsellor but
    this is something i want to do so, i ca do investment properties and international/all over the country realestate etc.
    But, i have to begin somewhere and i am trying to learn the right way


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