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Selling a home in one day?!


Here at ReboReports, we want to inspire you, to bring you ideas, perspectives, and information that can spark innovation in your own business practices.  In this video, we introduce you to an exciting concept that a Fullerton real estate company has had great success with: a system for one day home sales.

When we first talked with Rex Riffel and his team at Real Estate Xperts, their descriptions of the program were hard to believe – hundreds of people at an open house, dozens of bids in one day on a property that had previously been on the market for 120 days, and homes selling for thousands more than the predicted price…   And so we sent Ryan Marshall, Benutech’s CEO, and our camera crew to one of their selling events to investigate.

While we try to remain unbiased, what we saw was exciting, and we appreciate how open everyone was – including the Real Estate Xperts and the seller – to describing how the process works and what its advantages and drawbacks are.   We’ve compiled their information and Ryan’s expert analysis into what we hope is an interesting and inspiring video.

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  1. I just sow the video. I think is a great way to sell Real Estate.
    I am very interested in learning the system, please contact me at 714 319 5964


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