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Intro to “Mentor Mondays”


You want to succeed.  We want you to succeed.  Ideally, we want ReboGateway to be one of the keys to your success, and so we are committed to providing training resources to help you use this amazing tool even more effectively.

For local users, we have started a weekly affiliate program, providing live advanced training on the software.  We’re also producing a series of videos on some of the same topics, both for those users who cannot make the live training sessions, and as a reference for all users in the future.  These videos, the “Mentor Mondays” series, are hosted by Jeff Petsche, a real estate broker who has been in the business for over 10 years, and who is also an outside sales representative and trainer for ReboGateway.

In this introductory video, Jeff provides an overview of this video series, and describes its emphasis on how you can incorporate ReboGateway into your day-to-day routine, helping you do better at what you already do best – connecting people and property.

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