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Debbies’ Tip’s – How To Boost Your Mood


Today we’re going to talk about on Debbie’s tips how to boost your mood you know we’ve all been there you’re having a bad day nothing is going your way it just feels like a disaster you’re depressed you’re frustrated how do you break out of that cycle won’t you know quite frankly some real simple things Walk around the building have this thing I do we walk the parking lot circle around the building cuz just getting outside getting some fresh air sing the real world kind of breaks you out of that cycle you know also make sure that you’re eating some healthy food and small frequent meals because quite frankly what happens to is your energy drops when your energy drops you’re more susceptible to take those bad things too hard and not have the energy and stamina to get your mind back where it needs to be review your wins you know maybe even grab a stack of client testimonials actually keep we’ve got a big thick stack of the success stories that our client share about how coaching Can I take inventory of those winds and you know what I also realize anyone who’s doing something great has a challenging day and we all make mistakes we all have days when we have a bad mood we all have those moments where we don’t really want to go to work because if you know if it weren’t I guess if it were fun everyday That top producers have those moments too they just have developed their routines to work them out of those bad moods get them right back at the top of their game so what’s your best method maybe it’s like mine simple as get out of your chair go work walk the parking lot read your success stories reboot and get back to work alright I’ll talk to you soon on the next Debbie’s daily tips

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