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Tech Tuesdays – LinkedIn – KISS RE #5


Twitter and Facebook may get more publicity, but LinkedIn is perhaps the most important social network for businesspeople. In this latest installment of KISS RE, The RE Coach introduces you to LinkedIn, explains why it needs to be part of your internet presence, walks you through setting up a profile, and provides some tips that will benefit even experienced LinkedIn users. (For example, which way should your profile picture face? Forward, left, or right?) Check it out, get in to LinkedIn, and then come join us again next week for the next episode of this series.

What’s up, people? It’s The RE Coach, and this is Tech Tuesday on ReboReports.

We’ve been talking all along about lots of fun things, how to get yourself started in internet marketing. It’s a series called KISS RE – Keep it Simple, Stupid, and we’re going to keep it simple for you again today.

We’re in the social network phase of the video series. We talked about Facebook, we talked about Twitter, now we’re going to go for number 3 on the social networks, and that’s LinkedIn. LinkedIn is slightly different than the others. In fact, if you think about it, each one has a different meaning. Each one has a different purpose. What LinkedIn does, and this is my contention, imho, in my humble opinion, people find you on Facebook, they find you on Twitter, they find you other places, and then they come back to check you out on LinkedIn. It’s a lot like an online resume. You’re putting information on LinkedIn that is much more business-oriented. This is what I’ve done the last two years, these are my recommendations, these are some people who’ve endorsed me. Business, business, business, all the way through. What you don’t want to put on there is goofy personal stuff. Why? Because if I did find you on Twitter and I checked you out on LinkedIn, I’m going to want to see a professional there.

So here, we still use the brand that we talked about, but we use it in conjunction with who we are. So I want you to go to linkedin.com and I want you to sign up for an account. You have to go through the process of answering those questions, filling out the profile completely. It even helps you. Right there on the right hand side of the screen it says “your profile is considered ‘beginner’ and if you’d like to make it ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ or ‘expert’ or ‘pro,’ do these things.” They step you through it better than any other social network can. So follow through that step by step. Make sure your profile’s good.

Now here’s some hints from The Coach when you’re filling out the profile. Number 1, I want you to make sure that you have a new photo, not your 1968 yearbook photo. Something new, something people can relate to, because if you turn around and meet these people in Starbucks and they’re looking for the guy from their high school yearbook, they’re not going to find you. They’re going to walk out. Make it new, make it real. I don’t care what your makeup looks like. Give me a new picture.

Here’s a little twist. Look to the left in the picture. Why? Cuz your contact information is going to be on the left on the profile, and statistically, or more psychologically, if people see your picture looking at your contact info, they’ll look at your contact info. And it’s important, in fact it’s probably the most important part of your profile.

Include in your contact info branded contact information. So remember we’re mixing up the brand? Make sure you use that branded email, make sure you use that branded Google Voice number.

As for the description field, I want you to start off the description field with one of the two contact informations that we’ve set up. What does that mean? Instead of saying “Realtor, Specializing in…” I want you to put either your phone number or your email first. Then, “Realtor, specializing in…” Why? Because sometimes only partial pieces of your profile show up in search engines and different places. The most important thing we want them to see is how to get ahold of you. Cuz some people never go past the search engine, they never actually go to your LinkedIn page, they read the little summary on the search engine. So we want to make sure they have some way of contacting us on there. So pick the email or phone number, whichever one you like the most and whichever one you use the most.

Make sure that you have people come to your LinkedIn page once it’s built. Make sure you’re at least at Advanced level. Ok? I’d like you to be at Expert, but Advanced, before you start bringing people to your page. It’s like a soccer mom going to a sporting goods store that only has soccer cleats. She doesn’t want cleats. She wants cleats, she wants socks, she wants uniforms, she wants balls, all that stuff. Make sure your profile’s ready to go before you invite people.

But then have them start recommending you, because the recommendations and the endorsements are what matter on LinkedIn.

All right. Now we’ve got three out of our four social networks. We’re branded, we’ve got branded contact information, and we’re moving on to the next video, which is YouTube. We’re going to have a lot of fun on that.

If you have any more questions for me, please get ahold of me, (562)646-6710 or find me on gmail, TheRECoach@gmail.com. If you’re a broker or an office manager and you’d like The Coach to come to your office for a sales meeting or an all-day training or a one-hour training, get ahold of me. It’s what I do. I love to do it.

All right, guys. This is Tech Tuesday. KISS RE. I’ll see you on the next video.

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