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Real Life Real Estate – MONSTER Days!


Sometimes, it’s hard to get back into the flow of work, particularly after a vacation, a weekend, or even a particularly tasty lunch… Most of the time, we can shake that off and eventually get things done, but at best “eventually” is still not enough, and at worst, it can set a tone for the rest of the week. (and perhaps lead to no new ReboReports videos being posted last week… Apologies from the site manager…)

In this week’s Real Life Real Estate, real estate coach Dan Smith, of Versatility in Sales, proposes a strategy for confronting the problem head on, rather than sit around waiting for “eventually” to happen. His strategy of “Monster Days” is a powerful one, and not real-estate specific (though this video is still geared towards the real estate professional). If you watch any of these videos, watch this one, and even if you only try this strategy once, you’ll be far farther ahead than had you not.

Let us know how it works for you!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Real Life Real Estate. My name is Dan Smith, and I’m here to help you become more powerful, more productive, and, most importantly, most profitable.

What I want to talk about this week, it’s this thing that I call Monster Days. Now, as real estate agents, sometimes we come back from vacation and have a tough time getting into the flow of work. Sometimes we’re not on vacation and we have a tough time getting into the flow of work. In any given day, Monday through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And the best way, what we’ve learned over the years, the best way to get back into the habit of working, the best way to get out of a rut, ok? Is to have what we call a “Monster Day.”

Now, I do this thing with some of my coaching clients, we call them Monster Marathon Mondays. But it doesn’t have to be a Monster Marathon Monday. It can be an any-day Monster Day.

Now here’s the definition of “Monster.” You do something so big, so grand, so outside of the norm, that it’s going to shock your system into getting back into working again. It’s going to shock your system into doing something a little bit different and bring you back to life, like those paddles they put on your chest, right? It just brings you back to life. It shocks the system. That’s what these Monster Days are.

Now what would these Monster Days consist of? Well, for some people, it’s getting on the phones and dialing and prospecting more than they do on any given day. For other people, it’s going out and doorknocking more than they do on any given day. For other people, it’s going out and not just holding one three-hour open house, but maybe holding three two-hour open houses, all in one day! It is a Monster shock-your-system day, and, you know what’s great about this? Not only will it get you back into the habit of working, not only will it shock your system into doing something productive, but because you’re doing so much productive… so many productive activities, doing so much productive stuff, whatever it is. You get results. And we all know that when you get results, it becomes a little bit more fun. When you get results, you can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you keep pushing forward. When you get results, it makes it worth the while to go through the discomfort of being outside of your comfort zone. Right? It makes it ok to go through the discomfort and the pain of doing something you might not like or love but that you know is necessary.

Winston Churchill has that quote, right, it’s about what’s doing necessary, “Sometimes doing our best is not enough. We must do what is required.” And sometimes it’s required that we do things outside of our comfort zone. That we do things that we don’t like but we know bring us the results. The Monster Days, you’re not going to do it every day. I get it. I get it. I’ve been coaching people, working with real estate agents a long time. I was an agent for a long time. I get it. You’re not going to do it every day. Right? Say “Right.” But you know what? If you just did it sometimes, you did those activities sometimes, don’t you think you’d be more productive? More powerful? More profitable? Than you are now? If you just did them sometimes?

So let’s have these Monster Days be those sometimes! Let’s have these Monster Days be that time when you can really blow up, explode, grow, expand your business. Now what are you going to do? That’s what you have to figure out. If you have any questions, get ahold of me, I’ll give you some ideas. Trust me, I have lots of them. But like I said, you can prospect on the phones, you can prospect at the doors, you can go out and do something in your farm, you can go out and do something in your community. And I’m not saying go out for an hour or two like you normally do, do something big! Be grand! Take it to the highest level you can possible…. Just be crazy with it! Cuz that’s Monster-ish. Right? Think about what you can do to blow your world up in a good way. And I guarantee you, I GUARANTEE YOU, results will follow.

For more great coaching ideas, more great videos, make sure you keep tuning in here to ReboReports.com. You can also check out my website, versatilityinsales.com. Ok?

Now, until next week. I’ll see you next week. But remember this: To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done. Make it a great one!

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