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Tech Tuesdays – Digitizing manual lockbox combos


This is an exciting time to be a real estate technology user! Not only are lead generation tools like ReboGateway, and transaction management solutions like ReboCollab available to help real estate professionals generate and manage their business, but other innovative companies are providing tools to meet agents’ needs.

As Realtors ourselves, we here at Benutech love finding new tools, and this new ReboReports series, Tech Tuesdays, will highlight some of the interesting tech solutions we’ve come across. These videos are not paid endorsements; we’re just featuring these products because we think they’re cool. (If you’ve got a cool product you’d like us to consider, email us!)

The first product we’re highlighting is called Lockbox Combos. It’s a website/smartphone app that makes managing the combinations for manual lockboxes easy and secure. In particular, it uses technology to save buyers’ agents the hassle of having to call the listing agent for the combo, and to centralize the whole process for the listing agent (including keeping records of who accessed the combo, limiting access to licensed agents, and of tracking which combo goes with which property). Pretty neat! (And why didn’t we think of it first?)

For more information on Lockbox Combos, you can visit their website at www.lockboxcombos.com

Lockbox Combos is the real estate agent’s solution to storing, sharing, and tracking access to the manual lock box combo. If you’re sitting around, waiting for phone calls, or trying to make phone calls, getting ahold of the listing agent for the combo, it can be really embarrassing if you’re with clients, and you’re waiting for a phone call which actually happened to me.

You can use the app either from your mobile device or from a computer, and it’s really easy to use. Once you log in, you would go and search your combo or add a listing. Listing agents with multiple listings can also go in using an Excel spreadsheet or a cvs file and upload multiple listings at a time.

The listing agent can go back in at the end of the day and get a report of which agents accessed their combo that day, and also as soon as their listing is accessed, they get a notification in their text message or email that, you know, Jane Doe accessed their combo for 123 Spring Street at 2:35pm on Saturday. So you’ll know exactly who has accessed your combo that day and time.

At the moment there is no other way to give or get a combo for a manual lockbox automatically, without using our system. You would have to make phone calls, text messages, try and track down the listing agent for the combo.

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