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Mentor Mondays – Getting Tasks Organized


The ability to be flexible and self-manage is a big reason that many people enter the real estate industry. Being your own boss can be hard work, though, so in this week’s Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche discusses a useful strategy for organizing your business so you can be a more effective manager to yourself.

This strategy, a way of keeping track of current, future, and completed projects, while particularly useful for a new agent getting established or someone trying to overhaul their business, is a good general habit for anyone to develop. While the projects on your to-do list might not be so overwhelming normally, by setting up a system for monitoring your workload, providing a visible form of accountability, and reminding you of your achievements, you’ll already have a system you’re comfortable with at your fingertips for when things do ramp up. Watch this video, try out Jeff’s system, and let us know how it helps you out.

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