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Mentor Mondays – Prospecting is more than just the pitch


One of the best ways to get business in the real estate industry is to go out and talk to people, get to know them, develop a relationship of trust. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most intimidating things for new agents to do. Certainly, it’s easier to just toss a notepad on someone’s doorstep and move on to the next house, but “easy” doesn’t get you new business.

In this week’s Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche thoroughly covers the “secrets” of prospecting. He explains how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes agents make, suggests alternative ways to ask for the appointment, and directly confronts the most common challenges agents face when preparing to prospect. While his tips will be valuable to all agents who don’t have new business breaking down their doors, and, as always, Mentor Mondays is an excellent source of information for new agents, even experienced agents should try Jeff’s experiment for how to get more appointments – you might be surprised at what a difference a simple word can make!

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