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Mentor Mondays – The leverage of listings


In this strange market, where inventory is scarce and interest rates are low so demand is high, it’s good to be a listing agent.   It’s even better to have a balanced business, as Jeff Petsche talks about in this week’s edition of Mentor Mondays.

This should not be you: “I have a buyer interested in the complex where you just sold a unit; please let me know if you get any other listings in that complex.”

In other words, if you’re a buyer’s agent, you should not sit around waiting for someone else to list properties for your client.  And if you’re a listing agent, remember that only one potential buyer can buy the property you’re listing, which means that there are other potential buyers with an interest in the area, so go find properties for them too.

Tips like those in this video, and tools like ReboGateway, can help you stay on top of the shifting market environment by going out and finding new business instead of waiting for it to come to you.  Who knows, perhaps you’ll even get some double-ended deals!

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