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Hi! It’s Brain Fox with ReboReports I’m here with Mac Hill from Boomtown alright so I’ve seen you guys a lot of shows a lot of people talk about Boomtown but for the viewers who don’t know what Boomtown does you where you guys located what give us a 30000 foot level first what’s Boomtown all about sure yeah so we’re looking into Charleston South Carolina we’ve been around for about 9 years and we’re all about just making our clients more efficient and generating more opportunities for them so we do that by generating leads for them and then providing a CRM so they can better in return follow delete that they’re receiving okay so with Boomtown where does it start to start with website where it where does it start like what is the whole process start for an agent that would right right so when a client comes on board we help build them and idx enabled website and tell fuel engine it really runs move down we also manage ad campaigns on add words in the Facebook ad manager to drive traffic to the website once a visitor it’s on the website they get a little taste of what it can do it’s really clean easy-to-use home search experience and then we do ask them to register and once they registered they become a lead in the back and see all around so they can follow follow follow up your leaves listening updates so that you can send them accurate listings based on their search behavior and then of course we integrate with other Solutions and Industry as well such as. Lube bom bom Mojo for those that have the power databases that want to follow up any more efficiently Jimmy who’s who’s the Auntie Em’s we going Downstream trying partner with more single-agent operations on but yeah we we have French expansion operations where we have clients running Boomtown a multiple multiple location so it really depends on your business needs we can do a lot to accommodate and help a helping help a client and then not only leads coming off of the website you guys are building for him would go into the CRM can they put their own leads in there I imagine and from other sources as well so when they come on board we can we can help them process and import of an existing database if they have other sources such as Zillow Trulia realtor.com we have an Auto Import tool that can make sure it does leads are imported real time so they can go into the following process within Boomtown as well so I guess the big difference so why Boom Town over any other option and what’s that why do they need boom right obviously make them more efficient but really I think one of the best options is that the stop behind it so for a technology company is pretty rare to find someone that invest on such a large portion of their revenue back into the service side of things to be about 80 to 90 service staff members and house from a support team it’s there 7 days a week success managers help clients come on board and get the best practices we have a training team to because you want to drive adoption and we really focus on creating Partnerships really understanding our clients business rather than just selling them a piece of technology and then let him go that’s awesome here we do the same provider on the front end and we do a ton of follow-up and one on one training all they do that you guys were great technology is really really cool.

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