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Debbie’s Tip’s – Why do agents cut commission?


Hi welcome to Debbie’s tips you know we’ve been talking a lot about holding the line on commission and the reality is it’s the best way to get a raise so of everything we talked about so far let’s discuss today why do agents cut commission you know we already addressed and a tip or two back that agents could be desperate maybe they might be lacking in skill sometimes they’re simply lacking in confidence and they just don’t think they’re worth the full commission maybe they have a problem believing in themselves but let’s think about this together again when you take a listing a listing cost you money whether you sell it or not and you see there’s always a reward that’s a little bit greater when you’re betting on the outcome so another words if they were willing to pay you an hourly rate of pay probably you didn’t up doing it for a little less because she would have have that guarantee but see there is no guarantee you’re taking on this listing the responsibility the hard cost the time the energy the service to that client and they may whimsically decide not to sell right so when you’re going through a listing appointment I want you to think about the real amount of time and money you’re investing in that property whether it’s cells or not that’s the risk you’re taking you deserve to earn more you know I also read something that when Picasso was alive he was sitting at a cafe in Paris and someone came up and said can you draw me a sketch on this napkin and he did and he handed it back to them and he said that will be $30,000 it only took 30 seconds he said no it took 30 years and 30 seconds I also read that Bill Gates and dropped $1,000 on the sidewalk to pick it up because he would have already lost money you see the point being it’s not about the dollars or the amount of time it’s about the knowledge the power that you bring to the table that is your value Okay so we’ve got some Great Commission objection handlers in our scripts if you need them and you don’t have them email me Debbie to calm and then go out and practice them all right guys have a great day talk to you soon.

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