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CAR Expo 2017 – Immoviewer


Hi it’s Brian Fox with ReboReports and I’m here with Tom Springer with IMMOviewer. Tom tell us a little bit about IMMOviewer well we’re based out of Berlin Germany we’ve been in business for six years now we have over twenty thousand clients in 14 countries and we’re the do-it-yourself 3d Home Tour solution for real estate agency specifically real estate agents who have listings or buyers who are looking to show their property anywhere anytime it’s a global company like I said 14 countries so the video is shot with a I phone as it shot with a special camera how to have that work shot with any 360-degree camera whether it’s an LG Samsung we prefer Ricoh camera we have a direct API to their shutter through our app that allows better picture quality but we’re agnostic to the equipment so any 360 camera even your mobile phone will work with our software all right so so it’s really it’s software really that it’s doing so it’s taking those video images that are shot and then creates it in that 3d environment so that an agent can see it and see what it does and it allows the agent to brand the the torch themselves we have lead capture total custom ability social media platform sharing Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn compatible with every MLS in the country realtor.com Zillow that keeps going on you can embed the the links in your website and it’s all about allowing the realtor to make more money for themselves cut out the middleman cut out the photographer and give the realtor the opportunity to save money there and then provide a superior shop and experience for their consumers and so you were shown us earlier which I thought was really cool was the ability to so they shoot the video they run it through your software it’s that 3d experience he uploaded onto the MLS but essentially the user can actually use their finger point at different rooms move room to room look at the ceiling look at the view and focus in on anything and in 3d mode it gives them the ability to see every single feature so as a real estate agent the number one issue is disclosure if you can get all the bad news out of the way upfront and they’re still talking to you probably have a deal and no realtor should hide anything from their buyers or even their sellers our 360-degree photography allows the realtor show everything that’s within that home that is very very cool bear very close there anything else we didn’t know about MMO viewer before we end the cinema based out of Berlin the National Association of Realtors invested in our company because we’re all about making Realtors more money and they invested in us because of that and we’re real door friendly very cool all right very good thank you very much Tom sprayer appreciate it for real reports we’re done thank you

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