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Hi I’m Brian Fox I’m with Reboreports and I’m here with Scott Shaffer with back agent so Scott we talked a little bit yesterday about what your product does can you tell the realtors out there what does back agent provide to the real estate agents sure so first and foremost it’s a it’s a broker technology platform so anything that’s needed to run the operation we’ve got it so what does that mean for the broker and management staff they get paperless transaction management and a compliance workflow so they can kind of keep track of everything going on throughout the business they have an internet platform that allows them to communicate with agents when they’re working in DeLand and when they’re not working a deal and then visibility and financial reports for the brokers on the agent side obviously the paperless transaction management so you know allowing you to use the best-in-class zip form plus each signature you can use authentic ein you can use DocuSign and dot loop even so we’ve got that integration we then have a vendor marketplace so one-click marketing your property marketing Flyers mail outs brochures and then agent marketing as well with some nice clothes and gifts boxes tchotchkes like that and then the internet portion so it’s all about collaboration and you know bringing everybody together under one roof so sorry to cut you off there I pulled the mic away so back agent kind of starts then time ERISA it starts I have a listing is that kind of where I mean I have a listing and then I’m using back agent house it is it guiding me what’s what’s it doing for me once I have that listing well it’s a great question and that’s really where our value proposition is and so you’re right if you’re starting you’ve got a listing you’ve gone through you’ve you’re an agent you’ve typed everything in to the MLS you’ve uploaded all the photos it’s all they’re starting to syndicate you’ve already typed that and so you don’t have to come in to back agent and type that again so you simply link you’re listening to your back agent transaction pulls in all that data in and feeds it to all the necessary places to then go into the forms once you get to that stage so you’re not having a Type R use other photos all that kind of good stuff but when you create that listing then we ask a series of questions some of them are time driven some of them are location driven and based on your responses to those we form up the document requirement lists so instead of just a you know the huge list of everything that’s required specifically because of these criteria that you set here’s exactly what you need and then along the way dates and info as well goes right on your calendar so you you never miss a date and the broker can kind of keep an eye on things that way as well helps with compliance and that was the part that I loved about a yesterday I mean again is an agent if you have a lot of transactions you need something to guide you if you’re a newer agent and you don’t really know how that listing transaction is gonna go or how that transaction is gonna go you need something to guide you so a lot of cool things a back agent does that way so back agent is located where and are you it does your application work in all 50 states or till tell us about that sure yeah all 50 states were a national company we were founded in Katy Texas which is a suburb of about 30 miles west of Houston and it was started as a brokerage product and then kind of brought to market once started catching on so we celebrated our ten ten year anniversary and we have a presence in in all 50 states um anything else we need to know about back agent that we missed here at all I don’t think so of course we’re always working on innovation and we’ve got a new version of the platform rolling out this winter we call it version 4.0 it’s gonna work on all your devices fully responsive we’ve really streamlined the interfaces even more than they already are so that’s exciting and some new integrations you know of course API is the key word that we’re hearing at all of these and we’re you know we’re leading the charge with that and you know ultimately it allows the agents in the brokers to choose their tools and use what works for them best and we bring it all together so one last question I just thought of is it brokerage based or can an individual agent subscribe on their own if they want how does that work so we do have individual agent accounts primarily though it is a salt to the broker because the idea is that we really want this to feel and actually be the technology platform so own it so we help with all the configuration the setup and then we do a train-the-trainer type thing and so that way it helps agents stay relevant because they’re still constantly marketing to agents as far as retention and recruitment as well so the best tools attract the best but yeah there’s a one-off agent platform we’ve piloted out in Houston just trying to make sure it still has the value proposition because at the end you know the document review and the compliance work for that’s kind of where it’s at so it’s kinda like what do we do with the documents at the end and we think we have a strategy for that as well so that we you know any agent could use it good very good Scott thank you very much we learned a lot about back agent we appreciate it thank you to Brian Fox for ReboReports thank you.

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