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Tech Tuesdays – Engaging with your sphere


Engaging with your sphere:

While 75 percent of a Realtor’s business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth, agents still waste thousands of dollars and hours each year on cultivating new leads.

Further, though 82 percent of Realtors have a website for their businesses, only 3 percent of their total annual leads come from their website.

More agents than ever are working the referral angle, cultivating leads via social media and content marketing to increase their sphere of influence.

How’s this for a simple and quick tip to use technology to assist you in this goal … Facebook messaging. You know that list of your friends that shows up on the right hand side of your home page? Those little green circles are your best friends. They mean that your friend is currently logged into Facebook and in all likelihood is available for a quick chat or at the very least will see your message as soon as they return to their home page. Just say “Hi, I was thinking about you, hope all is well. Give me a call when you get a chance to get caught up” … you could hit up to 20 members of your sphere per hour and that is a time saver that matters!

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