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Debbie’s Tips – 90 Day Ramp Up


Hello my name is Debbie DeGrote and I am the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting. So here’s what I wanted to talk to you about for just a few minutes today. Do you need a cash infusion? You know we all have found ourselves in the real estate industry in between closings or perhaps maybe in just a little bit of a slump or maybe you’re not in a slump but you’re really looking to fire up your production so that you can stuff your pipeline with as many listings and sales as possible. You know maybe you’re on a roll and what’s that old saying let’s make hay while the Sun shines. So if that’s something that you’re interested in doing why not consider a 90-day ramp up. Because we all know in this business often the efforts that you put forth today, the payoff will come in about 90 days. So we can either wait or we can start today. Now recently I conducted a webinar that ReboGateway sponsored on the 90-day ramp up, now we do actually have a recording of that webinar so I don’t have time today to cover all of the terrific content that we took over an hour to share. But if you would like a copy of that 90 day ramp up then I encourage you reach out to the team at Rebo or reach out to me at DebbieDeGrote@excelleum.com and all you need to say is I’d like a copy of the 90-day wrap-up webinar and we will have that to you right away. So I want you to think about if it were 90 days from now, what would you like to see in your bank account, on your sales board and in your pending pipeline. Remember the great Napoleon Hill quote “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”. So let’s set the goal and then let’s watch the webinar and then create your action steps to get you where you’d like to be 90 days from now. All right, we look forward to sharing that webinar with you and I’ll talk to you soon.

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