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Tech Tuesdays – Creative Gifting


 Creative gifting

Post-sale interaction with the new homeowners will be critical in securing referrals and second-home purchases in the future. With many agents sticking with traditional gifts, such as baskets, magnets and calendars, the best agents will venture onto new creative items.

Agents giving these as gifts often find a boost in social media exposure because of its uniqueness and the owner’s desire to talk about their new home online. Whatever the gift might be, creative thinking will be key in 2016. So where is the “Tech” part?

Consider some of these High Tech options ….

·        A Portable Hard Drive – weird? Maybe, but you will be amazed how often it comes into use!

·        Bluetooth Speakers, like the Bose SoundLink

·        Here’s a great one – A year’s subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu Plus

·        The new Apple TV

·        How about their own personal drone?

The point is to offer something that they will use for years to come and with each use remember the thoughtful and innovative Realtor that gave them that gift

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