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Winning with SEO – YouTube!


Today we’re going to cover YouTube videos. In some our previous episodes we talked about keywords, themes, we’ve talked about video in a drone video and having content owning content. So if you’re new the channel you definitely want to go back and view some of these other videos and get up to speed. They’re quick, it’s great information and if you’ve been watching in applying at your business I’m sure it’s helping and we’ll keep going. So today again YouTube videos why do YouTube videos matter for you. Alright so first off Google owns YouTube that’s the biggest reason right there. It’s gonna read through the keywords, it’s going to look at what you’ve written, it’s going to look at the activity and if somebody is searching for your services in a certain city or they’re looking at a specific address. If you have a video about that, Google’s gonna see and it’s going to consider showing it on the Google search results. You want to do it. Today we’re going to look at a specific video that we found and just kind of look at some of the key points you know the title, description and things like that to give you some pointers. So this video we found is for a really nice Orange County property, it’s great video quality I mean it’s a really nice property they spent a little bit of money getting a professional video, but don’t let that deter you from doing this. I think I’ve covered another video on this. The main thing you want to do is build a routine. So even if you’re just doing this on your phone and newer phones are great. Just get in the habit of doing it and get in the habit of putting good information with the videos when you add them. All right so looking at this video some things that are great the title you know they covered Orange County that’s the area they’re in, they put in the address of some researching that address they will find it, they have a link to their website. You know we can view more information which is great. They have a phone numbers so you can contact them. You might wanna expand on that a little bit more of your a Realtor it’s just you it’s not a large brokerage whatever that you’re trying to represent, have your name, address, phone number, Probably not your email you’ll get spammed but have some contact info in there. And then what’s really great is this description they’ve written a lot of great information they’ve covered you know all the normal stuff about a property but there’s keywords and keyphrases they cover all the cities that people might be looking the phrase that people might be using to find these properties. They got in both keywords and keyphrases so you know look at the list you made in the past and make sure you work those things in as long as they’re relevant. The one thing you wanna be careful is don’t overdo it  Don’t get spamy! We were looking at some other videos in preparation for this and they have 30 links to all these different websites at their own 20 paragraphs that just filler text. So avoid that it’s gonna scare away potential people that want to use your services and Google doesn’t like it either you know it’s just not a good practice. make sure you pick a relevant category. I don’t know people and blogs as best it might be look at what you’re trying to offer and really read through the categories and make sure it’s a fit. and then comment and activity, ok going now comments are gonna be tough activities gonna be tough on a certain property videos it’s just not something that’s going to spread out and be widely seen right but the way to counter that is get your friends involved you know have your friends like your videos and subscribe so they see them when they come out how then post comments were you asking questions about the property other people in the industry that you work with that are posting videos reciprocate you know like the video subscribe to their channels, share their information to kind of go back and forth so that when Google sees two videos that are relevant for your service or maybe a specific property. You’re going to have the edge by having a little bit more activity in a few more viewers. So again if you have any questions about YouTube videos or any of the stuff in our previous videos feel free to comment below and check back next week and we have more for you!

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