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Tech Tuesday’s – Don’t Ever Miss a Call, or an Opportunity, Again!


I can not even tell you how many times I called a Real Estate Agent and was sent to Voice Mail! Were they all away from their phone? Were they all busy at that moment? No, of course not … sometime they were just “Screening” that call … but were they really screening it?

What if I didn’t leave a message?

What if I just called the next Agent?

48% of Consumers expect an Agent to pick up their phone when they call. 29% expect a call back within 30 minutes, and on and on until only 10% of Consumers will give you a day to call back, before they throw you aside and get someone who “CARES” …

Is it how we grew up? No, but who gives a “You know what”, if it was? It’s how today’s Consumer acts, DEAL with it! If you are finding it difficult to deal with, or to just make happen, … Out of the ashes comes … CallAction.CO …

CallAction is a mobile web application that automates the tracking and engagement of inbound calls across all marketing channels.

Ideally, every call is answered in person but all missed calls are automatically responded to with thier intelligent SMS automation designed for instant caller engagement … Do you understand how powerful that is? It intelligently interacts with the person, as if it were you, doing it! And that’s not all …

It instantaneously queries thousands of online Databases and “Qualifies” the Caller! Yes, that’s what I said, it Qualifies the caller.

It not only tells you who they are, based on their Cell Number and Smartphone habits, but it can help you understand WHAT they are … Their income, their housing history, what they may be able to qualify for in a house!

Are you kidding me? It answers for you. It engages with the Client, and it tells you if they are a “Hot” Lead or not? SIGN MY BUTT UP!

If you don’t see the dollars in this? Then you be Crazy!

Don’t you wait 5 minutes to check out CallAction.co .. You will be throwing away cash if you do …

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