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Debbies’ Tip’s – A Great Agent Never Stops Leaning


Hi my name is Debbie DeGrote and I’m the Owner and President of Excelleum Coaching & Consulting. Here today ReboReports to do Debbie’s Tips’. You know I thought about this as I drove over today, I often hear sales people say “I’m frustrated with my prospecting! I’m making so many calls and I’m not getting the result” and yet when it ask them how much time are they spending practicing scripts, studying their market, gaining product knowledge, you know improving their skills really going to that next level mastery. Usually the answer is “not much”, because it’s very common in our industry that agents get just good enough to get by and then they stopped learning and they stop growing. So I would encourage you to really look at what is that next skill you need to master. Maybe you need to go preview properties so you have more confidence as you’re talking to your prospects. Maybe you need to learn and understand your current market statistics, so they see you as the expert. Maybe you simply need to practice your skills every single morning. Now if you have some scripts that you or need some scripts to practice so when you’re working on your skills each and every morning. You can go to my website excelleum.com you’ll see you can download “Scripts Light”. Or go to Powerpersuasionscripts.com and check out a few the scripts we have their and just simply do this. Read them out loud every day over and over or grab a practice partner and practice. So you have a choice you could make say a hundred contacts to book a listing appointment or 25 which one is better so it’s worth the time to invest in practicing to master the artist selling. Talk to you soon on the next Debbie’s Tips.

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