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Tech Tuesdays – 5 Apps to Help Predict Your Listing’s Value


Here are a few apps to help you make accurate predictions when it comes to valuing your properties:

Get to know the neighborhood and surrounding area. With the aerial shots of the neighborhood, you can point out some great features your client may not know about.

Far beyond “Any great restaurants in the area?”, learn what your neighborhood is worth and memorize some selling points for your prospects. Doctors offices, Day Care, Barber Shops, Hair Salons, etc … everything a new resident will want to know. Be that local expert.

Keep up to date on changes in the area. Have knowledge that he other guy or gal just doesn’t! Why not have your clients say “This Agent knows everything?” How would that work out for you? =)

An excellent app for calculating what a “fixer-upper” investment is going to cost you. Home Improvement Calcs has over 170 do-it-yourself and home improvement calculations and unit conversions. It lets you quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations from your Phone or Tablet.

If you’re not on Nextdoor yet, you’re out of your mind! Get into the conversation of your Farm/Neighborhood. Know what’s going on and who is talking about it. Start having real conversations with your client base. Nextdoor is where real conversations are taking place.

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