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Winning with SEO – Sharing the Content You Have Created


Today we’re going to talk about sharing the content you’ve been creating. Throughout this series we’ve talked about using your keywords and having content, having a theme, writing content, scheduling your content.  We’ve kind of covered creating the content but we haven’t really delved into sharing the content. We’ll use blog posts as an example for today, just to kind of give you an idea. When you post your blog and you’re following that keyword stuff, you want to get it out there. Not just from the standpoint of the people that follow you on Facebook, that might be on social media like Facebook, that might be your potential customers but also Google is looking at these places and it’s reading this stuff and it’s following the links which also kind of ties back into our last episode of backlinks. It was another way to create backlinks.

So as you’re posting content your website think about sharing content.  That doesn’t mean share every single thing that you post.  If you only post the properties that you’re listing on Facebook or your other social media, people are gonna be interested. They’re going to tune you out. So you wanna pepper in that kind of stuff. Mix in with your experiences and your normal day-to-day social media stuff that you are probably doing – or should be doing if you’re not – to build an audience, but share that stuff. And if you’re using something like WordPress or other website tools a lot of these actually have built-in plug-ins or functionality that will let you automatically share it. So if you have a WordPress website I would definitely look into a plugin, or have your web master or whoever’s handling your website for you, that allow it so that when you post it’ll pull certain things from. It’ll pull the title, it’ll pull the pictures and it’ll post it to Facebook and Twitter any of those accounts that you’re using. And you’ll get it out there, you know, get your backlinks. People will see the content, you’ll help build your audience, you’ll share what you do, and Google will read it – which is, you know, the whole point of what we’re really talking about here. Get out there. So look into that, talk to your webmaster (if you have one) or look at it for yourself or post below. We can help you out so we’ll see you next week and check that out.

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