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Winning with SEO – Real Estate Content for your Blog


Everybody welcome back to another episode of Winning with SEO here on ReboReports. Today we’re gonna cover content. Content is stuff posting on the website basically.

So in the past we covered what search engine optimization is on. What is the channel going to cover? What keywords are and a theme? Okay, so if you get a feel for keywords, got a feel for your theme, now we need to turn that into something that the search engines will pick up. Something to put on the website and that is your content. Content can be in the form of pictures – you know JPEGs, property pictures, property videos, blog posts, articles, things like that. And when you’re writing this stuff you’re looking at the keywords we’re focusing on.

We’ve used commercial real estate in the past as our example. So if you’re writing about commercial real estate, the kind of content on your website is pictures of commercial properties, property information, pulling in MLS information on the property that you’re representing. Or on stuff that you’d like to represent in an area, depending on which side of the equation you are on. Showing those things is great. This stuff, MLS stuff, is going be picked up by a lot of people though so it’s not really unique. So it’s good to have but there’s better things.

Let’s talk about your blog, it’s a place where your content should live for the most part. It’s something you should update as often as you can. It’s hard, it’s not an easy thing to stay on top of content especially when you’re, you know you’re doing everything else that you have to do in your day-to-day practice. But in the blog again, let’s say we’re going with commercial real estate, talking about images. In your blog you can post a picture about a property that you just got leased, property you just sold, a little blurb about what it was on. You can write about the market, what’s happening in commercial real estate – is it a buyer’s market or seller’s market. You know, what’s going on out there.

Videos are great. You know, I have a few Real Estate friends and not only do they do videos that are, you know, specifically about properties they are showing or information they’re giving. But they just do little motivational things or little “Hey, here’s what I’m doing today.” or  “bring me a a buyer for a kick back” – you know just a quick video that they’re posting. And this is content and content is king.

Again content is use your keywords. Keep them in mind, post ioften, and Google’s gonna love that.

So your activity for this week is think about the type of content that you can post on a regular basis and stuff you can actually sustain, stuff that you can do while super busy trying to do what you need to do.

As always questions and comments are welcome the on the bottom. If you’re just tuning in and this is the first episode you’ve seen, check out the previous episodes, they’ll give you more info. Tune back in next week!

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