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ReboReports @ C.A.R. Expo – Damsel in Defense


This weekend, many real estate professionals will be holding open houses, visiting vacant houses, meeting with a prospective client for the first time, knocking on doors, and so on. While these activities are a normal part of the job, there is an element of risk, so it’s important to be conscientious and careful. Besides the standard precautions of making sure someone knows where you’re going/who you’re meeting, get identification information from clients before private showings, etc, many agents will want a little something extra to give them an edge.

That’s where companies like Damsel in Defense, which sell a wide range of self-defense products. We talked with Maria Fontaine at the recent C.A.R. Expo, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning about some of their products which are especially helpful for real estate agents.

Hello, it’s Brian Fox, I’m with ReboReports. We’re here at the California Association of Realtors annual expo for 2014. We’re going to interview all sorts of great guests, great products, and give you some insight as to what’s going on here at the California Association of Realtors Expo. Enjoy!

BF: Hi, it’s Brian Fox. I’m with ReboReports, and I’m here with Maria Fontaine with Damsel in Defense. Can you tell us a little about your company and what products you guys offer?

MF: Sure. We have pepper sprays and stun guns, and we also have home and travel alarms for the women to help keep them safe and sassy. And right now in light of the situation that’s been happening with realtors, we’re here to inform realtors and keep them safe, you know. When they’re going in to show a home, no matter where they’re at, even the men. You know you have to have something in your hand with you at all times to be safe.

BF: There has been, I mean, there’s in the news, the Inman news has talked about recently different events with realtors and vacant homes and the unfortunate incident that happened back east. Today, we’re at the show, we’re at the California realtor expo, what would have been your most popular products that people have been looking at or are purchasing from you?

MF: Right now, the most popular is called “Get a Grip,” and it’s 7 and a half million volts for a stun gun.

BF: Holy moley!

MF: But it has a disabling pin, whereas if you’re using it on someone and they take it from you, it’ll be disabled and they can’t use it against you. That’s the feature of it to keep someone safe.

BF: That’s very good. We appreciate the time. Thanks for being here.

MF: Thank you very much.

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