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Debbies’ Tip’s – Do I continue to Market to those people leaving town?


I welcome to Debbie’s daily tip you know many of you were in markets where you have clients leaving town they move away and it’s very concerning because if your listing agent and you see all these clients leaving and you feel your database overtime is going to dwindle so I’m always ask do I continue to Market to those people leaving town you know I don’t know if there’s an easy answer to that That I suppose you could examine each case individually what I used to do my real estate practice though is I would keep them in my database for 2 years now wouldn’t necessarily call them frequently as I did my local clients but I would continue to Market to them now here’s my theory they may have friends or family locally that it would remind them to refer me to if those people were actually making some type of move and sometimes they move away and come back so want you to just think about is this someone who’s likely to come back to the market to give me a great referral in the future and maybe even as they’re moving away let them know you’re going to stay in touch keep them in your information Loop and who do they know locally that they could introduce you to We’ve not only replace them we’ve replaced them plus some on top of it right so I’m going to give it some thought if you have additional questions just reach out I’ll be happy to answer but we do want to keep your database growing but growing with quality people have a great day I’ll talk to you soon.

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