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Mentor Mondays – Covering your tracts


Information is empowering.  If, with a few clicks of your mouse, you could identify the tracts in your city where sales are taking place (so you can get in on the action), why wouldn’t you?  After watching this Mentor Monday video on ReboGateway’s Tract Utility and then trying the easy tips yourself, you’ll have no excuse for not knowing crucial details about your target tracts.

Currently, ReboGateway is the only software whose tract utility not only provides sales percentages, demographic data, and turnover rates but also can integrate this information with updates on those life events that motivate people to sell. In this video, Jeff will take you step by step through the process of using this utility to put your marketing efforts on the right track – and tracts.

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    1. Currently, we’re offering Tract Utility as an add-on, so the tab won’t be visible to all ReboGateway users, only those who subscribe to it. Apologies for the confusion.


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