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Mentor Mondays – Getting daily farm fresh leads in your inbox


Searching for leads on ReboGateway can be an exciting treasure hunt, with all sorts of ways to find potential clients.  What’s even more exciting is that you don’t have to repeat these searches every time you want updates on your properties of interest!  If you set up personalized “Live Farms,” ReboGateway can email you daily notices for the activity you care about.

In this installment of Mentor Mondays, Jeff guides you through the process of converting your searches  into farms, and then how to manage those farms to further customize the data you receive.  Whether you’re trying to find FSBOs, need NoDs, or examine Expireds, setting up farms makes the prospecting process easier.

Then tune in to future Mentor Mondays for suggestions on what to do with the leads which will soon be filling your inbox.

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