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Planning your social media strategy


Social media isn’t just about having accounts on the newest “it” sites, it’s about finding a synergy between your goals, your expertise, and the resources available for sharing your expertise with your target audience.  In this video, Bob Watson, with Top Broker Network consulting, provides guidance on developing your social media strategy.

One theme throughout Bob’s videos is that social media should be approached like a “hub-and-spoke” system.  This video focuses on how to set up a central “hub,” typically a website or blog, to which you want to drive your social traffic, and then how to make this hub into a useful resource for your potential clients.  In the next video, you’ll learn more about several specific (and very important) social media “spokes” to connect to your hub.

Along those lines, we’d love to know which “spoke” brought you to our hub, ReboReports.  Did our tweets or Facebook wall posts catch your fancy?  Or did you stumble across us from a search engine?  And how can we make this “hub” more useful for you?



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