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Social Media Round up – Things to Avoid


Hi. I’m Mary Joy Coburn for ReboReports, and this is Social Media Roundup. Social media is making life a lot easier for you and your business. However, there are things to avoid. Many business professionals have decided to link their Facebook and Twitter accounts together, so that they only have to post onto one site to get both pages updated. Fair enough. But many social experts would highly advise against this. Why? Because they are different social media sites with different functions and purposes.

Let’s break it down. Twitter only allows you to post 140 characters at a time. Because of this, Twitter followers are used to seeing high volumes of tweets per minute. It is a fast-paced site and followers interact frequently, respond immediately, retweet obsessively, and can easily find trends. In contrast, Facebook is not as fast-paced and it works better with one or two great posts each day. If you post more than that, you will bombard your followers’ news feed, and you will most likely get blocked. So, what should you do? I would advise that you manage your Facebook account and Twitter accounts separately. On Twitter, post relevant articles using a shortened hyperlink such as tinyurl, bit.ly, ow.ly, or something similar. Also, respond to tweets asking questions about the real estate industry, and offer your expertise. On Facebook, depending on the insight you gather from your analytics, post relevant articles that would be useful to your audience. Post items that would generate engagement with them. Facebook and Twitter are great social media tools to engage your audience. The ultimate point is to establish yourself as someone knowledgeable and someone they can work with when they eventually start their real estate search. That’s all for now. Thank you for watching ReboReports. I am Mary Joy Coburn. I’ll see you next time.

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