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Mentor Mondays – A different approach to expired listings


In this week’s installment of Mentor Mondays, Jeff Petsche responds to a question from a new agent.  Calvin is new to the real estate industry, and is not sure what prospecting tactics are best.  The agents in his office advised him to go after Expired listings, but he was also interested in NoD prospecting as seen in a previous Mentor Mondays episode.

For every agent, the decision of where to look for business is a personal choice, influenced by your skill set, the nature of your particular market, and the type of support you have around you.  As Jeff points out in this video, a new agent needs to provide a unique value proposition if he’s going to call expired listings right after they expire, because there’s a lot of competition for that homeowner’s attention – and the homeowner may even have been instructed to not answer the phone for the first few days.  However, there are other ways to successfully prospect Expired listings, and Jeff discusses one in particular from his personal toolbox which you can potentially add to yours.

Do you agree with this advice?  What else would you suggest to Calvin, who’s just starting out in the industry?

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