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CAR Expo 2017 – Knockwise


A good friend of mine Pierre out from knock wise and we’re talking about you’re at and it’s quite popular at the show today so I know you did yesterday so tell us about it what are you guys doing with the door knocking thanks so much for this opportunity Change door knocking tilted on its here we we taking out the old adage of those aren’t Farm packets and notepads and pans and everything else and Julio and brought into the new century right it’s a simple as log into your account on the web typing in and address and drawing of shape about where you want to walk or integrating all the homeowner data all the MLS data and from a touch of a button you know when they’re home not interested nurtures opportunity speak your notes follow-up is all based on your responses guys this thing will tell you when to go back what letter is sent when does send it it has made you so fish and will even run reports for you to identify patterns as to what neighborhood what time and what day a week you should go back for the higher contact ratio give it a try it’s a 30-day free trial and we love to get your feedback on it but it’s been SSDI check it out and see what you guys were doing there are some other door knocking apps that are out there is different than the other ones are unique features what’s the must-have for an agent yeah well here’s the beautiful part I mean you’ve known me since I was they wanted an agent was built by an agent for agents I am not a developer I’m not a product engineer I’m an agent that needed an H4 my door knocking to follow up so we understand what you need with integrated the MLS who answered the question of when people are home more often we will explain the process of now door-knocking is not about knocking on doors for as many as you can until you get lucky it’s about pinpointing at neighborhood in building your database 1 neighborhood in one homeowner time and that’s what makes us absolutely unique cloud-based use it on your iPhone your Android tablet your web you’re never going to lose it you drop your phone in the other ones are all it’s not cloudy What happened at the store right when you’re built and you’re building it around it so I know I’m better at this time that I at this time and that kind of stuff New listings are going to we’re going to show you how often you’re going to go out to get opportunities are top users right now and when I say top uses guys I’m talking about people there knock on thousands of dollars over the last year but they’re starting with 5060 add a right and they’re averaging anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per door-knocking to get one opportunity I mean break that down 10 hours a month 2 hours a week and you’re building 10 to 12 opportunities a week it’s crazy and if you go out there and you build this base and you add 20 people 10 to 1% is still 5 transactions and if you do the math in your are you tell me what that works on commission it’s pretty simple there’s there’s only certain people right and we can mail we cannot we can you know maybe call if we can find phone numbers not stop knocking is always available it’s that the least expensive obviously they still would have got to be able to do it but if you’re going to go do it it sounds like Knock on 50 doors you know before we go down talking as an Asian guys we prepare ourselves for the worst everybody going to be ruined everything to scream and yell you get an instant summary at the end of your report that tells you how many don’t you knocked on how long you’re out there and what all your responses were in as soon as that report comes up and you see there was only three people that told you to bounce your mindset changes it’s not everybody it’s two or three out of 50 go to the roof it’s a lot easier to go back to it that’s awesome that’s awesome

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