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CAR EXPO 2017 – Corefact


We have title to a box we just had it out now for about 12 months we’ve just added to it and I was talking with Chris about it yesterday so I’m we added to it are new leads for to where we can now an agent can only get all of the compliant data that they wanted to get her previously got from their Title Company still get that you know sponsored from there Title Company create a farm do it by turnover rate however they want but now they can also buy records they can find divorces within their Farm area or divorces in area what we’ve always done is we pushed our records directly into quarterback and so we really like is for our customers be able to do all of their farm development pull up profiles that they want and then move add website to put in your email address again if you could for everybody what makes you unique in a general concept for our customers sure one of the first decisions you have to make the next question is what are you going to send them and then how are you going to engage them and that’s the problem that for fact really solves which is in a traditional direct marketing world where you have people that you’re targeting United physical address is how do you bring them online how do you engage them and how do you start the conversation so our programs have a lot of technology and them just like yours too and so when we know that say somebody has a divorce let’s say we might be able to send out some content to them that says something about maybe your circumstances changed a great time to talk to a realtor and so having very specific content to the actions that are occurring and then having a completely automated system to make that all happen so I core fact we have our LEAP program which will put all that marking on year or forever as well as our new follow-up which allows you to follow up on those that are coming out of Gateway divorce notice of default and so on so we think it’s a great partnership it’s been going for a couple years now and it’s been very successful and we’re excited to see it and you can still see my username password it’s now on website

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