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Debbies’ Tip’s – Commission


Hi welcome to Debbie’s tips and I’m going to talk a little bit more about commission today because see I believe you’re worth it and here’s what I want to ask you to do before you ever agree to cut commission I just want you to stop and think about it first of all is this a good business decision have you examined all the Angles and then I’m still going to ask you to be prepared to fight for your full fee and what does being prepared involve of course it involves having some great scripts and objection handlers ready and as I said we have some that we can share with you if you don’t have them Reach Out asks for them I encourage you again print them out study them practice them perfect them because they will help you earn what you’re worth and it’s really worth the time invested to improve your skill at handling what is for most of you this very tough objection ideas on the table over our last several tips but let’s step back way back all the way back to when the appointment is being set please be well prepared let’s be sure that you are very very carefully pre-qualifying the potential seller let’s be sure that you’re preparing methodically for every aspect of that listing appointment and that you have an outstanding listing presentation you see I find it off and agents don’t burn full commissions because quite frankly the seller just didn’t see the value and paying them more and I know this because when the clients come to us off and one of the first things that we ask them if they join coaching is do you have a well-prepared presentation and they say no I just wing it okay so let’s remember that listing appointment is where the rubber meets the road that’s everything that you’ve worked for to get to that table you have thousands of dollars at stake so please be well-prepared practiced scripted rehearse and ready to go in there and do the best job you possibly can and when you have a lot of information about that seller you’re going to know how to customize that presentation and how to close them all right have a great day and I’ll talk to you next time

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