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Your potential clients are already on social media, where are you?


These days, the phrase “social media” is everywhere, from the evening news asking viewers to “tweet” their comments, to a Facebook icon on the box of the breakfast cereal you like (or should that be “Like”?).  Social media is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with businesses, and the way businesses interact with their consumers.  In the real estate industry, where relationships and positive personal impressions are vital, social media can make a big difference.

As part of our goal of helping real estate professionals make the best use of all the tools available to them, we brought in a social media expert, Bob Watson, with Top Broker Network Consulting, to explain the social media landscape in a series of videos.  Some of the content will be geared towards the social media newbie, but it will also be peppered with tips and tricks to help the more advanced users.  In this introductory video, Bob provides a history of social media and an overview of how it can be used to deepen relationships with clients.

In future videos, Bob will talk about how to set up an overall structure for your social media plan, the roles of the different social networks, and the key areas that too many real estate professionals overlook, so check back soon – or follow us on Twitter, @benutech, or like us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/BenutechInc, where we’ll let you know all about our new video releases.

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    1. you don’t need any kind of school degere. you need to be affiliated with a real estate company and pass a real estate test (not hard).the amount of money you make is up to you. it depends on how many houses you sell, so you can make $0 or a ton more.to be successful, you need to realize in the beginning is going to be extremely tough because you are new to the business and you are going to find yourself making mistakes. also, you need to realize that selling houses are not easy. you are going to get 100 no’s from clients before ou get a yes answer to say that they want to put in a bid for the home. this job takes several years for you to become an established realtor, so make sure you go into that realizing this.


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